Education and Technology in the Next Academic Year

Coronavirus and the Rise of the EdTech Industry — Observatory of ...The role of classroom education is definitely shifting. It was changing before COVID-19 and most certainly will look different in the next academic year even when schools reopen. Many states have adopted approaches that fit the needs facing students, parents, and teachers today. With a whole summer of preparation, the coming “blended” classroom that will no doubt take shape will look even different. Teachsmarter became involved in the idea of a blended classroom in 2012/13 when in partnership with the Global Online Academy we taught and co-developed the Online Learning Environment Series of professional development courses for 6-12 and higher education faculty. In this three-part series of courses, faculty learned how to implement a blended model of instruction and examine best practices in teaching online that can be applied directly to brick and mortar classrooms. They compose the backbone of the GOA professional development program. Participants that complete the entire series receive GOA’s Online Learning Environments Certification.

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Learning Management Systems…But Which One???

Challenges And Benefits Of Learning Management Systems - eLearning ...
In today’s ever changing educational environment, and with the increasing emphasis on at-home learning, you might be asking yourself, if you’re a teacher, which Learning Management System (LMS) is best for me and my school? The huge array of available LMS is staggering and daunting. Teachsmarter has vast experience with Seesaw, Google Classroom, Moodle, Blackboard, and more. But those are a small sampling of available options. The website has collected a large list of available LMS packages. If you’d like help deciphering what might be best for you, your school, and your students, please don’t hesitate to reach out at!


COVID and the Classroom

Technology use in the classroom

Educators certainly know the coming school year will be different. Often, change is forced upon us whether for good or ill. Whether students will fully return, becoming hybrid learners, or stay strictly online has yet to be determined for mos school districts. Plans are certainly in place, but much like the coronavirus, we don’t yet know what we don’t know. Things are fluid. One thing is certain, however. Technology will be playing a much larger role in the classroom than it every has.

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Teachsmarter Commercial!

As the school year comes to a close, we’re ramping up some of our video creation skills here at Teachsmarter! Please check out a quick 40-second commercial.