Edtech Helps Businesses Succeed

Edtech specialist stands addressing team at training seminar.

Edtech has been evolving rapidly over the past decade to involve many industry-specific use paradigms that have grown beyond the classroom. Finally, edtech, short for education technology, has become more mainstream in the corporate world…a clear indicator that learning and self-development don’t stop on graduation day.

Office workers spend nearly 2,000 hours in front of computer screens every year, more this past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless others have become highly dependent on their tech devices so it makes perfect sense for business owners to integrate technology into every aspect of their operations, including training. Learning through edtech provides an efficient and convenient platform for businesses looking to train their employees, evolve their workforce, and prepare to grow.

Some companies already use edtech in some form, the popularity and implementation of those capabilities will only continue to grow as we become more reliant on using technology to increase efficiencies and enhance the bottom line.

Edtech has and will continue to change business training as we know it by satisfying demands and expectations of an increasingly tech-savvy generation of new employees; boosting data absorption within an organization; promoting increased and collaborative teacher/student dialogue; and allowing individual business to map out staff progress at a pace of their own choosing.

Edtech is here to stay. It can help your business much like it’s helped teachers and students in elementary, secondary, and higher education.

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