Challenges are Hurdles to be Overcome

What drives growth and innovations in education, and by extension, the corporate learning environment? There are three: worldwide education challenges, the pandemic, and process automation and digitization.

Education Hurdles

Education is full of challenges. Budget, accessibility, educational quality in remote or underserved areas are just some of the many obstacles to success. While these realities could be considered problems, they’re actually opportunities that edtech/technology startups are poised to solve.

Problems give way to solutions by creating opportunities for tech businesses.


The global pandemic and post-pandemic recovery caused a growing demand for educational technology, tools, and services.

Over 1 billion students around the globe were affected by school closures. The sudden loss of face-to-face instruction possibilities left many institutions scrambling for the right solution that would allow them to continue teaching while maintaining strict adherence to safety protocols. Remote learning was the key and companies that specialed in this brand of edtech have seen a growth explosion.

Automation and Digitization

Digitizing and automating processes creates measurable efficiencies and optimizations and improves the overall end result. It’s common sense. A computer can do repetitive “build” tasks faster and more accurately than a human being can. This real-world need for automation and digitization has allowed for EdTech solutions to advance in both education and corporate sectors. For example, content delivery through Codecademy or Masterclass; video-conferencing through Zoom or MS Teams; and education analytics through BrightBytes or Civitas Learning.

Education Technology is constantly rising up to meet the challenges of a modern world that has been thrown into varying degrees of chaos. These challenges are hurdles to be overcome and EdTech has so far met or exceeded them all.


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