Jennifer Uhl was born and raised in Michigan. For nearly 20 years, she’s been involved with education, technology, and on the vanguard of merging best practices in the classroom with the latest in technological advancement. She has developed and provided training activities for faculty, staff, and students; installed and supported all manner of “edtech” hardware and software; worked collaboratively with librarians and technology staff; administered online course management systems; and has lead the way in Michigan’s use of SMART Technologies.

Jennifer’s involvement with SMART Technologies is significant.

  • First SMART Certified Trainer and SMART Exemplary Educator in the State of Michigan (Have trained on both the MAC and PC and in both the education and business sectors.)
  • Only Certified SMART Education Consultant in Michigan (Certified by Brady Phelps)
  • Responsible for Cranbrook Schools becoming the first SMART Showcase School in Michigan, now designated as one of only 25 Elite SMART Showcase School and the 2012 SMART Showcase School of the Year
  • Provided countless SMART trainings, presentations and seminars throughout the nation, many for private and public schools as well as corporations (on my own behalf as well as for SMART and various resellers).
  • Planned and delivered presentations for shootouts on behalf of SMART
  • Consistently used SMART Math Tools in my own classroom as well as providing trainings on it. Was asked by SMART to present a webinar on SMART Math Tools.
  • Planned and implemented Michigan’s first ever SMART Content Creation Seminar for 100 Michigan teachers in November 2011
  • Planned and carried out Michigan’s first SMART User Group Conference with SMART’s Director of Education Consulting and members of SMART’s North American Sales Team (2010)
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